"Your best bet to beat pandemic influenza is to educate yourself, develop a personal preparedness plan, protect your family, use prescription and over-the-counter drugs wisely, and learn to beat the flu naturally when it comes."
By J. E. Williams, O.M.D.

In the early 1990s, while consulting to Scripps Hospital in California, Dr. Williams presented the concept of integrative medicine, the incorporation of alternative and complementary therapies within the traditional allopathic medicine model, to a group of physicians and senior hospital administrative staff. Since then, integration of the two systems has become an important step forward in medicine worldwide. In 1997, Dr. Andrew Weil founded the first residency program in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona. Later, Dr. Williams headed a committee on an NIH funded project with the American Medical Students Association (AMSA) to develop an integrative medical course curriculum for traditional medical schools. In 2001, he became among of the first to achieve the status of Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine (FAAIM).

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is a clinical system and medical philosophy that is transforming the current medical paradigm from one that pits traditional allopathic medicine, that relies on drugs and surgery, against natural alternative therapies to one that uses the most appropriate, safest, and most effect therapy to best serve the individual patient and public health.

The Next Step - Beyond Natural

It's time to take natural healing and integrative medicine to the next step, and Dr. Williams is once again leading the way. Natural is good, but simply because some thing is natural doesn't mean it's safe or effective as a clinical treatment. Biological and bio-identical is better because medicines specially prepared to concentrate their therapeutic properties are more effective. And when treatments are supported by empirical, scientific, and clinic evidence, that's even better!

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Truths about Healing

In over more than thirty-five years of study, clinical work, research, and learning about health and how the body heals from scientists and shamans, I have come to know three fundamental truths about healing:

LIFE IS ABUNDANT AND DIVERSE: The Amazonian rainforest, where I conduct much of my research, overflows with biodiversity. But even the Arctic, where I lived with the Siberian Eskimos from 1967-68, and the Antarctic seas team with life. Our body, similarly abundant, overflows with life. It is made of cells, the basic biological unit of life, and there are more than 10 trillion of them! Unbelievably, there are as many as a thousand different types of bacteria that live in our body, 100 trillion in fact, outnumbering our cells ten to one. It's this tendency to abundance and mega-diversity that provides the opportunity for healing.

NATURE WORKS TOWARDS HEALING: When given the opportunity, nature invariable works towards healing. The two fundamental principles that our body uses to prevent disease and heal are balance and purification. Just like running water purifies itself and aquatic plants serve as filters in ponds and bays, our body has ways to detoxify and cleanse itself. The Chinese understood the principle of balance, which they called yin yang, as essential for health and disease prevention. Using these two principles, balance and purification, along with the many mechanisms and processes of repair developed through hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, our body works to heal itself and regenerate.

YOUR NATURAL STATE OF BEING IS WELLNESS: The Shipibo Indians of the Peruvian upper Amazon believe that health and wellness are a reflection of the beauty in the design of the universe. The shaman, a master healer who understands the secrets of the life and nature, helps the patient return towards balance, harmony, health and wellness through chanting. The rhythm and intent of the chant restores integrity to the energy of the body and the patient gradually, and at times spontaneously, heals. It is our natural state to be healthy and well, and when we cooperate with nature our body heals and returns to a state of wellness.

Guiding Principles

When medicine and therapies are necessary, Dr. Williams employs six clinical principles in his practice; and teaches in workshops and seminars, and writes about in his books. Principles are important because they help guide treatments and advice to patients. Adhering to them helps increase the chance for success and reduces risk.

Therapeutic Strategies & Integrative Health Solutions

For some, it is enough to deeply believe in their heart and mind that the three truths about healing work in order to become well. However, for others or in overwhelming health challenges like cancer, infections, and trauma, it is necessary to employ an expert. That expert can be a shaman or medicine man, a psychologist or priest, or a sacred teacher who can help you create and hold the image of wholeness. However, it may require a skilled physician who employs specialized clinical techniques and therapeutic strategies like nutrition, natural medications, acupuncture, surgery, drugs, injections, or intravenous therapies like ozone or chelation to overcome disease.

From the integrative medicine perspective, therapeutic strategies should provide the most effective and safest treatment for each patient. The areas that Dr. Williams specializes in cover a wide range of health conditions:

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