"Your best bet to beat pandemic influenza is to educate yourself, develop a personal preparedness plan, protect your family, use prescription and over-the-counter drugs wisely, and learn to beat the flu naturally when it comes."
By J. E. Williams, O.M.D.

J. E. Williams, O.M.D., FAAIM has studied about health, longevity, and sustainable living for more than thirty-five years. He has lived with Siberian Eskimos in the Artic and Q'ero Indians in the Andes, has been mentored by natural healing masters like Dr. Bernard Jensen, and studied with Yogis and Chinese Taoists to learn health secrets not taught in medical schools. An international leader in integrative medicine, he continues to bring science and natural healing, and East and West together in the clinic, in his research and field work, and in his own life.

Integrative Medicine is a model of healthcare that is transforming the current medical paradigm from one that pits traditional allopathic medicine against alternative therapies to one that uses appropriate, safe, and the most effective therapies to best serve the individual patient and public health.

Green Medicine was born from the idea that economic and environmental sustainability cannot come about without a sensible and sustainable healthcare system that includes the best of science and nature. The Green Medicine concept germinated when Dr. Williams presented the first paper on sustainability in healthcare systems at an international conference on sustainable economies in Havana, Cuba in 1998.

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