Beating The Flu

The Natural Prescription for Surviving Pandemic Influenza and Bird Flu

The possibility of an H1N1 super-flu pandemic is frightening. Every year, at least 36,000 Americans die of the flu, and one million die worldwide. If no one has immunity, a bird flu pandemic could cover the globe in 250 days and conceivably infect 20 percent or more of the world’s population of 6.6 billion. The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic killed 675,000 Americans and at least 50 million worldwide. The death toll from a bird flu virus—with a 50% kill rate in adults and a frightening 89% in children like the Pandemic of 1918—could reach an apocalyptic 360 million. In comparison, about 7 million died during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Worse yet, modern medicine doesn’t have a specific, effective, and safe antiviral drug for the flu. Taking Tamiflu within 48 hours of symptom onset only shaves off one day of a typical seven-to-ten-day course of illness. People are in peril without an effective vaccine, adequate supplies, and limited antiviral drugs. 

Why I Wrote This Book

I wrote this book to give people solutions for preventing the flu and to teach them how to survive pandemic influenza. I am not new to the game. As a practicing doctor, I have been working on preventing and safely treating viral illnesses since 1984, including HIV, Hepatitis C, SARS, Epstein-Barr, and influenza. Since then, the viral problem has gotten significantly worse.

In 2002, my book Viral Immunity was published. It’s a highly acclaimed text on what’s gone wrong with our immune systems and why viral diseases are rising. It was well ahead of the SARS epidemic. 

It was apparent that influenza A was quickly becoming a severe and growing problem. In 2004, long before the bird flu scare, I started working on a book to prevent and treat pandemic influenza. Compared to the nuisance cases of flu of the past, modern flu causes more severe illnesses lasting 3-4 weeks instead of the typical 7-10 days and with more troubling symptoms. I am very passionate and highly concerned about this global health crisis. It is not a passing thing for me. I’m a functional and natural medicine clinician who has used herbs and vitamins to treat influenza and other viruses for over four decades successfully.

This nightmare scenario may not happen, but individuals and families must arm themselves with up-to-date information if it does, and that’s why I wrote Beating the Flu

What You’ll Learn in Beating the Flu

Beating the Flu begins not by telling you how to treat the flu bug but how to avoid it altogether through a combination of good hygiene and superfoods that offer the quick boosts your immune system needs to ward off the virus. Should you get sick, it also provides a “natural medicine cabinet” of vitamins, herbs, and minerals that work best against any flu and the clinical evidence to back up my recommended remedies for influenza.

In Beating the Flu, you will learn:

  • The six best strategies for beating pandemic influenza.
  • The most effective natural medicines to beat the flu.
  • How to outsmart influenza in your home.
  • Why influenza may be nature’s most perfect virus.
  • What makes pandemic influenza different from ordinary flu.
  • The difference between symptoms of ordinary flu and pandemic forms of influenza.
  • The shortcomings of quarantine and the importance of primary avoidance.
  • How to enhance your body’s viral immunity.
  • How to use foods, spices, and culinary herbs to beat the flu.
  • How to use prescription and over-the-counter drugs wisely.
  • When to call your doctor should you get sick, and when to go to the hospital.
  • Specialized biological medications that increase your chances of surviving pandemic influenza.
  • How to prevent dehydration when you’re sick.
  • Why managing inflammation effectively may be the key to beating pandemic influenza.

Pandemic influenza will come because it’s been here before. The 1918 flu pandemic was caused by H1N1 influenza A, a bird flu virus that jumped to humans. This time, however, the conditions are suitable for the massive spread of disease. In the hands of terrorists or misguided scientists who create a super flu mutant strain, the results could be catastrophic. I don’t have a crystal ball, but the potential for a super flu is very high.

This book, and the information it contains, could save your life. If you apply the simple, concrete, evidence-based natural solutions in my book, Beating the Flu, you will be prepared if pandemic influenza A H1N1 arrives. 

Knowledge is power; it’s wise to prepare now. Do your homework. Pick up the book. Prepare now.