Do The Right Thing

22 Aphorisms for Living Well and Leaving the World a Better Place

By David Lucas with Dr. J. E. Williams

APHORISMS are short, enigmatic sayings, a type of pre-social media truisms that convey deep philosophical meaning. In our ego-centered age, David Lucas points us to the way to an emotionally richer, fulfilling life. Do The Right Thing invites us to reflect on life’s meaning but not dwell there. He encourages us to ponder these timeless truths and then positively engage in relationships with others and our community.

Why I Wrote This Book

I wrote Do The Right Thing with David Lucas because he has advanced Parkinson’s Disease. For over ten years, I’ve been one of his doctors. During that time, I got to know him as a highly successful businessman, philanthropist, and community leader who does the right thing. It’s not often that you come across something of value. Or meet a person of integrity who cares for his community as he would care for himself. But when you do, it’s essential to take notice. And in doing so, you change the course of your life. I not only treated his Parkinson’s but got to know him as a thoughtful person who puts first things first. And I recognized that he had a meaningful message that others could benefit from, so I collected some of his thoughts from his earlier writings and wrote this small book, something you can take with you everywhere.

Our core values define us. They are what we stand for. 
Therefore, the starting point for the examined life is to do the right thing. 
This is the value by which you measure everything else in your life.

David Lucas, from the preface

Like Steven Covey in First Things First, who emphasized principles and quality of life over accomplishments, David reminds us that an examined life is the first step to being a better person. But it doesn’t stop there—it goes on throughout life. Along the way, having a standard of wisdom, a touchstone, reminds us of what is essential. This little book is that touchstone.