The Andean Codex

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For more than thirty years Dr. J. E. Williams has risked his health and personal safety to journey among shamans in Peru, the place he calls the mystical and spiritual center of our times. In its rain forests, mountains, and environmentally attuned indigenous population, Peru’s mystical landscape fosters inner discovery.

The Andean Codex guides the reader step-by-step through journeys to Andean sacred places like Machu Picchu, Cuzco, and Moray, and in the process uncovers the esoteric meaning of these ruins. Williams recounts his initiation with Peruvian shamans, including shamanic ceremonies he performed at Machu Picchu and his experiences using the mind-expanding, heart-opening ayahuasca and the sacred coca plant.

Guided shaman meditation in the Andes

Throughout these encounters, Williams weaves in practical advice that brings the wisdom of Andean shamans to life. His unforgettable account of their prayers, practices, and ceremonies offers a rare opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a shaman and experience the Andean sacred way.
  Experience a Sacred Way of Life“Though Andean wisdom is timeless and arises from the same universal source of truth as all esoteric teachings found throughout the world’s great cultures, there are two things unique about this teaching. One: it forms a continuous cultural thread extending from before the Incas to the present and is therefore unique in the Americas. Two: it contains a pragmatic ecospiritual healing message vital in our times of global environmental destruction and individual existential angst. In this sense, it is not a religion or philosophy, but a way of life that embodies ethical, moral, and spiritual guidelines.”
—from the Preface

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