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Long Live in Good Health

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In Prolonging Health, Dr. Williams shows that there’s no reason you can’t live to well over 100 years-enjoying good health all the while.

Based on the latest medical findings, he presents a practical, 10-point plan to prolong your health by understanding and changing the ten major causes of accelerated aging.

Stay Young and Healthy as You Age. Aging doesn’t have to mean failing physical health, declining mental acuity, disease, frailty, and life in a nursing home. You can extend your good health as you grow older by using the best of natural medicine.

“This enriching book makes Dr. Williams a new master in the field of longevity and quality of life.”Thierry Hertoghe, M.D., President, European Academy of Quality of Life and Longevity Medicine, and author of The Hormone Solution

The Ten Modifiable Factors Discussed in the Book Are:

  1. Oxidative Damage – How to Prevent Degenerative Disease with Antioxidants
  2. Genetic Damage – How to Guard Your Genome Against Aging with DNA Repair Medications
  3. Impaired Detoxification – How to Renew Your Tissues and Cells with Cleansing Practices
  4. Insulin Resistance – How to Reset Your Insulin Switch with Diet and Natural Medicines
  5. Impaired Protein Synthesis and Glycation – How to Undo the Effects of Degraded Proteins Called AGEs
  6. Chronic Inflammation – How to Reduce Accelerated Aging
  7. Impaired Cardiovascular Function and Sticky Blood – How to Strengthen Your Heart
  8. Declining Hormone Function, the Crux of Aging – How to Restore Hormonal Balance
  9. Immune System Decline – How to Prevent Immunosenescence and Promote Immune Competence
  10. Neurodegeneration – How to Revitalize Your Aging Brain
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This definitive guide to longevity includes more than 90 self-help tips, a special discussion on “Aging and the Brain,” and specific points for having an informed talk about aging with your health-care provider.

In ‘Prolonging Health,’ you will learn how to:

  • Strengthen your heart
  • Revitalize your brain
  • Rebalance your hormones
  • Repair your DNA
  • Prevent degenerative disease
  • Detoxify your cells
  • Avoid insulin resistance

One thing is certain, says Dr. Williams: “The better your health, the longer you will live, and live well.”

Why I Wrote This Book

Dr. J.E. Williams with Taoist masters in China

I wrote this book to help people and their doctors understand the biological processes of aging and what they can do to prevent the degenerative diseases associated with advanced age.

My 35 years of research among traditional indigenous tribes in North and South America, and experience with Taoist masters in China has shown me that beyond a doubt a disease free long life is possible.

After attending medical conferences around the world on anti-aging, scouring the scientific literature, and interviewing the foremost experts on aging, I discovered that there is a multiplicity of reasons why people in modern societies develop disease as they age and conversely what promotes healthy aging and longevity. Long life genes, hormones, and nutritional supplementation help, but healthy aging depends mostly on a lifestyle and an environment that supports and promotes positive longevity. By prolonging your health throughout your life, you can minimize the effects of aging.

Prolonging Health Goals

Dr. J.E. Williams portrait
  • To prolong health by preventing degenerative and genetically caused disease.
  • To improve quality of life by relieving depression and instilling enthusiasm for living, improving strength, increasing energy, and maintaining activity and independence in later life.
  • To reverse premature aging and lower biological age.
  • To achieve maximum life span.

Make a Difference in Your Life. Now.

Even if you’ve read other books on longevity and attended anti-aging seminars, here are four reasons why this book will make a phenomenal difference in your life.

  1. It teaches you ways to determine your biological or real age: You’ll learn the specific blood tests you need to get in order to know how well or how poorly you’re aging.
  2. It provides clinically proven and research documented recommendations: You’ll learn 91 recommendations on how to regain your health and kept it as you age.
  3. It encourages mastery, not mediocrity: You’ll learn 10 of the most important factors that influence aging and how to master them with natural medicine.
  4. It gives you strategies: To age successfully, you’ll lean 5 longevity strategies that are not found in other books.

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