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2021/2022 Fall and Winter Influenza Update

According to international influenza tracking sites, like FluNet and FluView, this year’s flu season infection rate is starting slow.  Check your state’s health department website for local outbreaks. For example, in Florida, it’s FLU REVIEW. However, that could change. Typically, January through March are peak influenza season, so keep up your guard in the months ...

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COVID vs Flu vs Cold: Is It Too Early To Prepare?

COVID vs Flu: catching a cold and getting the Flu are routine seasonal illnesses. We accept the inconvenience. Each fall through winter, 64 percent of those 18-30 years catch a cold. Adults in the U.S. get two to four colds every year. Children fare worse, getting up to eight colds each season.  And every year, ...

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Low Vitamin D level and COVID-19

There’s no doubt that low vitamin D level —just like low vitamin B12— is underappreciated by doctors, especially for infectious disease prevention, and goes underdiagnosed and inadequately treated. Optimal vitamin D is particularly important during the pandemic. Links between a low vitamin D level and COVID-19 include worse outcomes for acute lung infection and the ...

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The idea is to have good health for the longest possible time.

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Dr. Williams’ goals are to prevent disease and help extend your lifespan naturally by providing you with the tools to take charge of your health, now.
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Discover exactly which deficiencies and diet mistakes are draining your energy, messing with your hormones, and ruining your health.
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The Complete Blood Test Blueprint

Learn to read your own blood test results with accuracy. Don’t rely on your doctor to interpret your blood test results. Know how to do it yourself.
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Not All Supplements Are Equal

Dr. Williams offers an unparalleled selection of medical-grade supplements to patients and non-patients with easy ways to order.
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The age of personalized medicine is here. As a proactive patient, you can take charge of your own wellness.

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