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Knowing how your body works matters. Knowing how to restore your body’s systems is essential for health and wellness.

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Diagnostic tests as the most important clinical tool to unravel the cause of your health concerns.


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Health is a journey.

… and every worthwhile journey requires a map and an experience guide.
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Vitamin B12 Deficiency is Common, But Are we Also Facing an Epidemic of Too Much B12?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) warns against Vitamine B12 overdose. Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble nutrient obtained from your diet or supplements. Any excess gets excreted in the urine. The problem started in the last decade with the availability of highly efficient oral and injectable forms of B12. It’s mainly these forms that lead ...

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7 Questions My Patients Ask Now About COVID-19

I wish the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic were over. But it’s not. In fact, we’re still in the OMICRON wave that started with BA.1 in late 2021 and mutated to BA.5 by summer 2022. Nor have we haven’t reached herd immunity or vaccinated our way out of this pandemic. We’re at an elevated plateau, but no longer ...

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Gallstones signs? Should I do a gallbladder flush? Get tested now

Most gallstones are composed of condensed cholesterol. True gallstones are composed of bilirubin and calcium. These stones are harder and large ones too difficult to pass with a gallbladder flush.  Your gallbladder is a small organ that does a big job. It stores bile produced in the liver to break down fats. It does this ...

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The idea is to have good health for the longest possible time.

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Dr. Williams’ goals are to prevent disease and help extend your lifespan naturally by providing you with the tools to take charge of your health, now.
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Discover exactly which deficiencies and diet mistakes are draining your energy, messing with your hormones, and ruining your health.
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Learn to read your own blood test results with accuracy. Don’t rely on your doctor to interpret your blood test results. Know how to do it yourself.
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Not All Supplements Are Equal

Dr. Williams offers an unparalleled selection of medical-grade supplements to patients and non-patients with easy ways to order.
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The age of personalized medicine is here. As a proactive patient, you can take charge of your own wellness.

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