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Diagnostic tests as the most important clinical tool to unravel the cause of your health concerns.


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Blood Testing

Health is a journey.

… and every worthwhile journey requires a map and an experience guide.

Glutathione and NAC Reduce the Severity of COVID-19

We’ve accepted that avoidance and prevention are critical for not getting infected, but if you get COVID-19 and coronaviruses swarm your cells, are there ways to bend the curve? First, follow the basic rules, including enough rest and drinking plenty of fluids, wearing a mask, washing your hands, wiping surfaces, and avoiding crowds. And, take ...

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Rejuvenate Your Thymus Gland

Imagine in the middle of the galaxy there’s a small, but essential asteroid that starships returning to Earth must visit to receive a vital nutrient mined in the asteroid’s interior. This substance revitalizes passengers and crew, so they’re well enough to complete the journey home. And it assures they’re immune-competent against Earth’s many infectious microorganisms. ...

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10 Things You Need To Know About COVID-19: A Survival Guide

“It is extremely important that we take the trouble to understand viruses.” — Frank Ryan, Virusphere Gathered from my studies and research in China from the mid-80s to the mid-90s, extensive journal reviews, decades of clinical experience treating viral illnesses, and two books about viral infections: Viral Immunity and Beating The Flu, I took the ...

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The idea is to have good health for the longest possible time.

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