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Optimal health requires a doctor knowledgeable in evidence-based medicine, with extensive clinical experience, and expertise in leading edge practices. Your healing journey starts here.

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Dr. Williams conducts a thriving e-patient practice with people from all over the world. He also attends to patients in his offices in Sarasota and Fort Myers, Fla.
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Dr. Williams promotes patient self-care, including ordering and managing your personal blood tests. He has designed exclusive and affordable blood test profiles for disease prevention, wellness, and healthy aging so others can conveniently track their healthcare milestones on their journey toward optimal health.
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Medical-Grade Supplements

Dr. Williams has more than 35 years of experience using herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, and bioidentical hormone therapy for his patients. He prescribes only the finest nutritional products, and every product must meet his exacting criteria. Now, you can order the same medical-grade supplements direct and manage your health goals.
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