Blood Testing

Your Blood Doesn’t Lie

Getting your blood tested is the single most important thing you can do to figure out exactly what diet, supplements, and lifestyle are right for you.

Discover the only proven method that defines exactly which deficiencies and diet mistakes are draining your energy, messing with your hormones, and ruining your health. Carefully selected blood tests will identify what your body needs.

“Getting your blood tested is more valuable than attending health events, webinars, taking courses, or reading most books on health.”
— Kevin Gianni founder of Renegade Health and author of Kale and Coffee

Whether you desire optimal health or want to remain physically and mentally active, robust, and disease free for as long as possible — you need to take full control of your health. Work with your doctor to order tests. Alternatively, you can become proactive about your personal healthcare by ordering your own blood tests.

Blood Test Profiles

Dr. J.E. Williams is the author of more than six books and digital programs on health and wellness, including The Complete Blood Test Blueprint.

He promotes patient self-care, including ordering and managing your own blood tests. He has designed eight exclusive and affordable lab profiles for robust living and healthy aging for Personalabs, so you can conveniently track your healthcare milestones to reach your optimal health goals.

Now is the time to starting learning about your health.

How It Works

You do not need a doctor’s visit or prescription to order your own lab tests. All tests are performed at leading national laboratories, the same labs Dr. Williams uses in his practice.
Follow these 6 simple steps to order your tests:

  1. Order tests online at Ulta Lab Tests
  2. Print your lab order form
  3. Locate your lab’s local draw station
  4. Get your blood drawn, after fasting & in the morning**Blood chemistry values are designed to be measured after a 12-hour fast. The best time to take a blood test is between 7 and 9 a.m.
  5. Get your results online!
  6. Get tips for having your blood drawn easily

Recommended Blood Test Profiles

 Healthy Aging Hormone Profile for Women

This advanced profile tests a combination of hormone levels and other biomarkers to identify factors that can accelerate the aging process. The Healthy Aging Hormone Profile can be used to determine baseline hormone levels and as a starting point for bio-identical hormone replacement for baby boomers and beyond. This test is recommended for women over 40 years old.
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 Healthy Aging Hormone Profile for Men

This profile tests a combination of hormone levels to determine the presence of biomarkers that may indicate issues accompanying aging, including sexual problems, reduced energy and drive, trouble sleeping through the night, and depression. Though it can be used by men to determine baseline levels at any age, this profile is highly recommended for men older than 45.
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Optimal Vegan/Vegetarian Profile

This profile is designed to support a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and to help identify any ​insufficiencies in your body at even the earliest stages. This test is highly recommended for people with strict vegan/vegetarian and vegan/raw food diets.
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Optimal Thyroid Health Profile

This profile contains advanced thyroid hormone tests and is aimed at those who have been diagnosed with thyroid problems, including Hashimoto’s, Grave’s disease, or a range of other disorders, including fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, conditions that often involve hypothyroidism.
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Learn How to Interpret Your Test Results

Our blood knows us better than any other tissue. Whether you’re concerned about the food you eat, your daily habits, your hormones, your heredity, or your disease risks, blood tests offer vital insight into how well your body works. Therefore, understanding your blood test results is crucial to gaining insight into your health.

Typically, people go to their doctor to interpret their blood test results. Even if you take matters into your own hands and order blood tests without a prescription, understanding your results can be overwhelming. Depending upon sources across the Internet can lead to contradictory, confusing, or completely wrong information.

That’s why you need a way to eliminate the guesswork and get real answers about your blood test results.

The Complete Blood Test Blueprint Program by Dr. Williams

In this digital audio + workbook program, Dr. Williams explains why blood tests are the best way to evaluate your health status and how to interpret the results. You no longer need an appointment to find your optimal health.

The unique contribution of this program is the “optimal range concept.” Dr. Williams developed this concept to show at what lab result ranges you have little to no risk for a disease. The optimal range concept differs from the conventional medical view of blood test results that are used simply to determine if a disease is present.

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