Your Blood Doesn’t Lie

Blood Testing

Getting your blood tested is the single most important thing you can do to figure out exactly what diet, supplements, and lifestyle is right for you.

Discover the only proven method that defines exactly which deficiencies and diet mistakes are draining your energy, messing with your hormones, and ruining your health.

Blood Testing Profiles

Besides a busy clinical and telehealth practice, Dr. J. E. Williams is the author of more than six books and programs on health and wellness, and a professor of integrative medicine. When he’s not in the clinic or classroom, he’s writing or conducting ethnomedical fieldwork.

Dr. Williams promotes patient self-care, including ordering and managing your own blood tests, so you can create a personal wellness blueprint and plan a healthy aging roadmap.

He has designed exclusive and affordable lab aging so you can conveniently track your healthcare milestones to reach your optimal health goals.

Now is the time to starting learning about your health.

“Getting your blood tested is more valuable than attending health events, webinars, taking courses, or reading most books of health.

Kevin Gianni founder of Renegade Health and author of Kale and Coffee

How Blood Testing Works

You do not need a doctor’s visit or prescription to order your own lab tests. All tests are performed at a leading national clinical laboratory – the same lab your doctor uses and that Dr. Williams uses in his practice.

Follow these steps to order your tests:

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Order test online At Ulta Lab Tests
Print your lab order form.
Locate a convenient draw station and schedule your appointment
Get your blood drawn, preferably in the morning after fasting.
Get your blood testing results ONLINE.
nurse drawing blood sample from arm patient for blood test

Get tips for having your blood drawn easily.

Our blood knows us better than any other tissue. Whether you’re concerned about the food you eat, your daily habits, your hormones, your heredity, or your disease risks, blood tests offer vital insight into how well your body works. Properly preparing to have your blood drawn can seriously impact your test results.

  • Healthy Aging Hormone Profile for Women
  • Healthy Aging Hormone Profile for Men
  • Basic Vegan/Vegetarian Profile
  • Optimal Vegan/Vegetarian Profile
  • Basic Thyroid Hormone Health Profile
  • Optimal Thyroid Hormone Health Profile
  • Nutrient Profile
  • Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acid Profile
  • Basic Wellness Profile (add hormone profiles for those over 45)
  • Complete Vitamin B12 Profile

Learn How to Interpret Your Test Results

Your blood knows you better than any other tissue in the body. Whether you’re concerned about the food you eat, your daily habits, your hormones, your heredity, or your disease risks, blood tests offer vital insight into how well your body works. Therefore, understanding your blood test results is crucial to gaining insight into your health.

Typically, people go to their doctor to interpret their blood test results. Even if you take matters into your own hands and order blood tests without a prescription, understanding your results can be overwhelming. Depending upon sources across the Internet can lead
to contradictory, confusing, or completely wrong information.

That’s why you need a way to eliminate the guesswork and get real answers about your blood test results.

The Complete Blood Test Blueprint Program by Dr. Williams

In this digital audio + workbook program, Dr. Williams explains why blood tests are the best way to evaluate your health status and how to interpret the results. You no longer need an appointment to find your optimal health.

The unique contribution of this program is the “optimal range concept.” Dr. Williams developed this concept to show at what lab result ranges you have little to no risk for a disease. The optimal range concept differs from the conventional medical view of blood test results that are used simply to determine if a disease is present.


Do I need to make an appointment with Dr. Williams to order blood tests?

No appointment needed. Order custom profiles or individual tests on your own.

Will Dr. Williams interpret my results?

No. Dr. Williams will not view or interpret results that you order on your own. Contact his office if you want to make an appointment to review your blood testing results or discuss a health concern.

Is it difficult to find a lab draw station?

Not at all. Your tests are performed by Quest Diagnostics, one of the largest medical reference laboratories in the US. Find the closed blood draw center and schedule an appointment online.

Are there other ways to get my blood drawn?

Yes. You can have a private phlebotomist come to your home or workplace to draw your blood and send it to Quest. Type Blood Draws At Home into your search engine and choose a service that works best for you.