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The complete blood test blueprint program bundle

The Complete Blood Test Blueprint Program

If you want peak performance, optimal health, and prolonged longevity, this program is designed for you.
Find Your Optimum

Natural Medicine

Prolonging health, book cover

Prolonging Health

Dr. Williams shows that there’s no reason you can’t live to well over 100 years-enjoying good health all the while.
Enjoy Longevity

Viral Immunity, book cover

Viral Immunity

Learn to develop unassailable viral immunity using natural approaches in just 10 practical steps.

Improve Your Immunity

Beating the Flu, book cover

Beating the Flu

Discover the strengths and weaknesses of immunization and antiviral drugs, and the 5 best natural medicines to beat the flu.
Beat the Flu

Cultural Studies

Light of the Andes, book cover

Light of the Andes

Read Dr. Williams’ unforgettable story of the sacred way of the last ancestors of the Incas, the Q’ero. This new book takes us to the highest mountains and deep into the labyrinth of the heartland of the gods themselves.
Gain Shamanic Wisdom

The Andean Codex, book cover

The Andean Codex

The Andean Codex guides the reader step-by-step through journeys to Andean sacred places and in the process uncovers the esoteric meaning of these ruins. Williams recounts his initiation with Peruvian shamans and his experiences using the mind-expanding, heart-opening ayahuasca and the sacred coca plant.
Journey with Shamans

Media Kit

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