"Your best bet to beat pandemic influenza is to educate yourself, develop a personal preparedness plan, protect your family, use prescription and over-the-counter drugs wisely, and learn to beat the flu naturally when it comes."
By J. E. Williams, O.M.D.

Education & Publications

Accurate information from a knowledgeable and experienced doctor is essential if you are to prevent disease, recover your health, reach your ideal weight, and age gracefully. Dr. Williams provides accurate and comprehensive healthcare information and integrative health solutions in his books, articles, websites, blog, newsletter, and lectures.


Dr. Williams offers a FREE monthly emailed news letter providing value to readers through authoritative, evidence-based articles and information on anti-aging therapies, hormones, nutritional supplements, and ways to fortify your immunity against infection and cancer. Unlike other newsletters, he writes all of his own material based on his independent research backed by twenty-five years of experience in integrative medicine.

Supplements & Products

Natural vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements, also called nutraceuticals when they are prepared to pharmaceutical industry standards, are not all created equal. Dr. Williams requires very high standards of the companies, products, medications he uses in his practice. Such his quality products, however, are typically only available through licensed healthcare professionals and pharmacies. For the benefit of his patients, he has formed professional affiliations with the best nutraceutical companies so you can have the best natural products available.

Consultations & Becoming a Patient

Because many of your health concerns may be answered in his books, you may want to read them first to see if solutions lie there. Also, there are many protocols available on this website. They are safe and have proven to be effective on hundreds of patients. You will find additional information on my monthly newsletter and blog. Should you, however, want to become a patient, Dr. Williams offers consultations in person or by phone and email.


Dr. Williams provides professional consulting on integrative medicine to medical groups, hospitals, and individual physicians. Should you have an interest in this service, contact him by email or phone for more information.


Dr. Williams is pleased to offer sacred travel to Peru and other destinations, as well as opportunities for research and medical service to indigenous tribes in the upper Amazon and Andes. Doctors of all types from all over the world have accompanied me on these trips. For more information, see my other website:

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