Comprehensive Gallstone Therapy

By Dr. J.E. Williams | | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Gallstones therapy, reduce cholesterol

Your gallstone flush doesn’t work as well as you expected?

About 70-80% of gallstones are hardened cholesterol. To prevent gallstone formation, lower your cholesterol.

Your liver metabolizes cholesterol from food. Cholesterol is necessary for body and cell functions, including steroid hormones like estrogens. Excess cholesterol is dissolved by bile made in your liver and excreted in the intestines. But too much cholesterol or not enough bile can lead to gallstone formation.

What should you do

Before you do a gallbladder flush, check your cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels on a blood test. The standard reference range for total cholesterol is 100-199 mg/dL. And for LDL, 0-99 mg/dL. Suppose your cholesterol and LDL levels are high or even at the upper end of the normal range. In that case, you may be susceptible to forming gallstones. And a 2013 study found a positive correlation between gallstone formation and high LDL with low HDL cholesterol.

Gallstone formation is more complex than simply having too much cholesterol. But it’s a factor in a high percentage of how stones form and may be one reason you keep making gallstones. So, before your gallbladder flush, get a fasting lipid and metabolic panel to check your cholesterol and LDL levels and your liver’s function. If your total cholesterol is over 185 mg/dL and your LDL is higher than 100 mg/dL, eat a low-fat vegan diet for one to three months before your gallbladder flush.

Take red yeast rice to lower cholesterol. My recommendation is Cholest-900 by Thorne. Take one capsule twice daily for three months. And support your liver in making enough bile to dissolve excess cholesterol. I recommend Thorne’s Liver Cleanse. Take one capsule twice daily. Take these supplements after a meal.

Recommended supplements for Gallstone Therapy