Common Viruses That can Trigger Chronic Fatigue


We have all experienced a viral infection (such as the flu or common cold) which left us bedridden for a few days, at some point in our lives. Most of the time, our bodies fight off the infection and we don’t have any further issues. But sometimes, an infection may cause lasting harm or may

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12 Proven Principles For A Really Healthy Diet

Too much nutrition information runs the risk of explaining nothing. The promise of a perfect diet for everyone is wrong. It’s time to reset our dietary choices. Let’s relearn about human nutrition from indigenous cultures and the best that science can teach us.

Market in Cusco, Peru 2015

Nutrition experts debate what diet is right for us. You read a few studies and discover conflicting information. Does scientific evidence confuse or help us understand food choices? Internet health gurus promote their version of what’s the optimal human diet in order to sell services and products. Should you believe these “experts” when there is

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What You Need to Know About Getting a Flu Shot This Year

The 2018-2019 flu season started unobtrusively. But, if it worsens between January through April 2019, are you protected if you had a flu shot in September? Is it too late to get vaccinated now? Should you get vaccinated at all?

Flu shot

I’m not an anti-vaxxer. However, there’s some validity to anti-vaxxers’ concerns. Not all vaccinations are safe all of the time. Nor does every vaccine protect everyone from infection. In light of last year’s tough influenza season, it’s time to review the safety and value of vaccination. Let’s take a closer look at the flu shot.

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Is the Myth of Harmful Mucus Forming Foods True?

Can withholding milk from children do more harm than good?

boy drinks milk, does it cause harmful mucus forming

Avoiding mucus-forming foods is trendy, but should you cut out dairy and foods associated with increasing mucus? Do dairy products, and other foods pigeonholed as mucus-forming, actually cause increased mucus production? Does too much mucus cause disease?

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How to Lower Chronic Inflammation with Gut Bacteria

My nature cure mentor, Dr. Bernard Jensen, was right. All disease starts in the gut.

F. prausnitzii, gut bacteria, inflammation, ibs

Science is proving that there is a link between gut endotoxins & chronic inflammatory diseases. Is F. prausnitzii the common bacteria thread to reduce inflammation?

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How to Prevent Future Prostate Problems and Avoid Cancer

Unchecked, chronic symptomatic prostatitis makes you more susceptible to developing prostate cancer.

healthy surfer, prostatitis, prostate cancer

Annoying prostate inflammation called prostatitis, with or without low-grade infection, affects between 64-86% of men at some time in their lives. Symptoms can be mild to bothersome, tend to worsen with age, and can lead to cancer

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What Is the Truth About Real Nutritional Supplements?

The Internet is full of misinformation and marketing - here's how to discern supplement fact from fiction.

real evidence-based nutritional supplements

The Internet is full of misinformation and marketing. Here’s how to find accurate evidence on real nutritional supplements and test their effectiveness.

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The Best Mayan Superfoods To Improve Your Diet

There's good reason that ancient superfoods like chaya and chayote are still staple foods.

Best Mayan Superfoods to improve your diet

Mayan superfoods may have originated in ancient agriculture, but their potent longevity has allowed these foods to remain important staples across Central America, the Caribbean, and even into the United States. These plants can provide striking flavor and powerful nutrients to the daily diet

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Does Natural Immunity Protect Better Than the Flu Shot?

When it comes to the flu shot, does the "one size fit all" model benefit everyone?

influenza vaccination, flu shot

If catching influenza provides stronger natural immunity against the flu than vaccination, why do pharmaceutical companies, government health agencies, and most doctors push flu shots? The short answer is that standards of care, as recommended by the CDC, require all licensed physicians to follow the same protocol.
The long answer is complicated.

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