2021/2022 Fall and Winter Influenza Update

2021/202 Fall and winter Influenza update

According to international influenza tracking sites, like FluNet and FluView, this year’s flu season infection rate is starting slow.  Check your state’s health department website for local outbreaks. For example, in Florida, it’s FLU REVIEW. However, that could change. Typically, January through March are peak influenza season, so keep up your guard in the months

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COVID vs Flu vs Cold: Is It Too Early To Prepare?

COVID vs Flu vs Cold: Is It Too Early To Prepare

COVID vs Flu: catching a cold and getting the Flu are routine seasonal illnesses. We accept the inconvenience. Each fall through winter, 64 percent of those 18-30 years catch a cold. Adults in the U.S. get two to four colds every year. Children fare worse, getting up to eight colds each season.  And every year,

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Low Vitamin D level and COVID-19

There’s no doubt that low vitamin D level —just like low vitamin B12— is underappreciated by doctors, especially for infectious disease prevention, and goes underdiagnosed and inadequately treated. Optimal vitamin D is particularly important during the pandemic. Links between a low vitamin D level and COVID-19 include worse outcomes for acute lung infection and the

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COVID-19 Immune-Supportive Supplement Update

COVID-19 Delta variant, people using masks

The Delta variant wave is profoundly concerning. Cases have increased and will continue to go up because it’s more infectious and spreads faster, and can make you sicker. But also because we let our guard down. For example, people who got vaccinated stopped wearing masks. And many unvaccinated people, tired of breathing through masks, didn’t

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Vitamin B12 Is Essential For Energy, Healthy Aging, and the Brain

food with vitamin b12

Nutrients are essential for life. Vitamins and minerals are required in small amounts but play oversized roles in health and disease. However, vitamin B12 might be the most overlooked and misunderstood nutrient. Vitamin B12 Deficiency Causes Many Symptoms Vitamin B12, or cobalamin, is an essential nutrient needed for the function of the nervous system and

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It’s Not Too Late for a Liver Detox and Gallbladder Cleanse

beet juice

Nature cure doctors all agree that spring is the best time of year to detoxify your body. The optimal time is mid-March through April. But, it’s not too late in May and early June to detox your liver and flush your gallbladder. Even as the pandemic winds down in the US, lots of us are

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What To Do Before Your Liver Cleanse or Gallbladder Flush

Couple drinking detox juice before Liver Cleanse or Gallbladder Flush

Prepare your body for fasting or detoxification, before a liver cleanse detox or gallbladder flush, with this wise approach to tissue cleansing. Our bodies work tirelessly to build and maintain healthy tissue. But optimal health comes at a price. Because we live in a sea of foreign chemical and biological substances, including naturally occurring toxic

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Nrf2 Activators Can Help Beat COVID-19 and Prevent Long-Haul Effects (Bending The Curve Strategies: Part III)

Ancestral foods and modern supplements that enhance Nrf2 pathways are essential antioxidants integral to successfully bending the COVID-19 curve strategy.

Nrf2 Activating Supplements and Traditional Foods

In previous posts, I outlined natural ways to bend the infectious curve of COVID-19 in your favor should you get sick (Part I). I covered the basics of preventing infection, including getting enough rest, drinking plenty of fluids, wearing a mask, washing your hands, wiping surfaces, and avoiding crowds (Part II). And I outlined the

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The Most Effective Natural Supplements To Counteract COVID-19 Infection and Bend the Curve in Your Favor – Part II

In this part, you’ll learn the top 8 supplements to support viral immunity, improve disease tolerance, and counter the effects of COVID-19 if you get sick.

The Most Effective Natural Supplements To Counteract COVID-19 Infection and Bend the Curve in Your Favor – Part II

Coronaviruses have been with us for a long time. And judging by the current trend, SARS-CoV-2 it’s here to stay. Over time, we’ll develop natural immune resistance. Then it would become a nuisance infection like the common cold or seasonal influenza. The worst case scenario is the virus mutates to become more contagious and more

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